Analysis of Driving Assistance System of Intelligent Driving for Old Drivers


With the rapid development of automotive science and technology, many new models of powerful automotive brands have been equipped with driving assistance system. Unlike automatic driving, driving assistant system is a mature product at this stage. It can help drivers reduce driving fatigue, improve driving safety and reduce driving difficulty. For family users, these configurations are perfect.

Speaking of automatic cruise, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. After setting a speed at high speed, the driver can drive at the speed set without stepping on the accelerator. When he needs to slow down, he can only step on the brake or lower the cruise speed. This simple constant speed cruise function can only be used in very limited scenarios, that is, when the road condition is very good. Use. And the ACC full-speed adaptive cruise carried by the territory can be used not only at high speed, but also in urban and congested road conditions. Why? The main industry is a millimeter wave radar front suspension is license to identify the vehicle in front, the millimeter wave radar recognition distance can reach 150m.

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