The malfunction caused by the ECU of the electronic control engine computer


The electronic control engine computer ECU cannot monitor the failures caused by the following reasons.

(1) Generally, the ECU of low-end cars cannot monitor the failure of the high-voltage ignition circuit caused by the inoperative ignition coil, the polluted or damaged spark plug, and the broken core of the high-voltage line.
(2) ECU cannot monitor the blockage of the inlet filter of the electric gasoline pump, the fuel filter pipeline, and the failure of the incoming fuel caused by the flattening of the fuel inlet pipeline or the return pipeline.
Smooth, or the mixture is too thin. Loose rearview mirror in Mercedes-Benz car
(3) The ECU cannot monitor the air filter inlet or the air filter plugging or throttling. The solution to the failure or vibration caused by the change of the air flow rate. Product brand summary Commonly used accessories for Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair
(4) ECU cannot monitor the high or low cylinder pressure, or the uniformity of each cylinder pressure
(5) ECU cannot monitor the plug and the pins are damaged, but it will produce fault codes caused by this situation (6) ECU cannot monitor the bad grounding, but it will produce fault codes caused by this situation
(7) ECU cannot monitor the leakage or throttling of the vacuum line of the vacuum booster in the engine control system. However, the vacuum degree of the absolute pressure sensor of the intake manifold will be monitored and the ECU will also record the fault code.

The above 10 items are the causes of failures that cannot be detected by the electronic control engine, which should be paid attention to when repairing the electronic control engine. Whether it is an electronic control failure or a mechanical failure, the location and performance characteristics of the occurrence must be correctly distinguished in order to accurately and quickly determine and eliminate the failure
During the inspection, if the engine is faulty and the engine fault warning light is not lit (the fault code is not displayed), it means that the engine fault may be in the mechanical part.

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