Basic car circuit diagram explanation


Because the drawing methods, symbol labeling, text labeling, and technical standards of automobile circuit diagrams in various countries are different, the automobile circuit diagrams drawn by various automobile manufacturers are very different. Therefore, before reading different series of automobile circuit diagrams, you need to understand the characteristics of circuit diagrams and master the knowledge of automobile circuit diagrams. The basic method of reading.
A familiarity with the rules of car circuit drawing
In the whole car circuit diagram of the car, the electrical appliances are used from left to right (the power supply is on the left, the electrical equipment is on the right, and the partial circuit is in the schematic diagram.
In, the signal input terminal is on the left, the signal output terminal is on the right), from top to bottom (the live wire is on the top, the ground wire is on the bottom), and the circuits of each electrical system are drawn together as much as possible
2. Familiar with the symbols and meanings of automotive circuit components
Be familiar with the names of automotive circuit diagrams, clarify the meaning of electrical symbols, text labels, codes and abbreviations, and establish a one-to-one correspondence between components and graphic symbols. Many circuit diagrams on cars are represented by electrical symbols. Electrical symbols are simple graphic symbols that only roughly show the appearance of electrical appliances. Use text on or next to the graphic symbols to explain the names of electrical appliances. The electrical symbols drawn by various automobile manufacturers are different, some are simple and some are complex

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