Common diagnostic methods for automobile circuit and electrical faults


There are many diagnostic methods for car circuit and electrical failures. The following car repairs will give you a summary. As for when to use which diagnostic method, you will know some more after reading it, and those who don’t understand will consider it carefully.

1. Intuitive diagnosis method Intuitive diagnosis method is the first/step of repairing automobile electrical appliances, and it is also a simple step. It only depends on the direct feeling and experience of the inspector to check and eliminate the fault. When a certain part of the car's electrical system fails, there will be abnormal phenomena such as smoke, sparks, abnormal noise, burnt smell, and high temperature. Through the sensory organs of the human body, the appearance of automobile electrical appliances can be inspected by the methods of looking, smelling, asking, cutting, and smelling to determine the location of the fault. For maintenance personnel with certain experience, some more complicated faults can be found, which greatly improves the speed of maintenance. For example, when a car is driving, when the turn signal switch is turned on, it is suddenly found that the turn signal light and the turn indicator light are not on. Touching it with your hand, it feels that the flash relay is hot, indicating that the flash relay has been burned out. When electrical components are working normally, they should have a suitable working temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will mean a fault. For example: when the starter is running weakly, if the battery poles are in poor contact with the wires, they will feel hot when touched.

2. Diagnosis method of grounding fire test It is a method to judge the fault according to the intensity of the spark generated by removing a wire end of the electrical equipment to test the metal part of the car. This method is relatively simple, and is a simple and convenient method often used by the majority of automotive electronics and electrical maintenance workers. Systems that use electronic equipment are generally not allowed to use this method, and must be carried out in accordance with certain methods with the help of some instruments and tools. Otherwise, the overcurrent generated by the "fire test" will bring unexpected damage to certain circuits and components.

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